Balanced sitting – the dynamic sitting posture

balans® chairs are specially designed for “balanced sitting”, the natural way of sitting.Balanced sitting is active sitting, yet relaxed.

Benefits from balanced sitting:

  • Stimulates, activates your own balance and your inner support back muscles
  • It is good for your neck, shoulders and back
  • Your stomach, vein and lymph-system love it, you are breathing more freely Oxygen, energy and concentration increases
  • Releases vein pressure and increases your blood circulation
  • The patented balans® saddleseats encourages this natural sitting posture
  • -«The best movement you will find is in your own balance»

Sitting on a balans® chair activates your NATURAL CONTRA MOVEMENTS, like when you are riding a horse, a bicycle or when you are walking

On our new chairs with balans® saddleseat, you can sit with an open hip angle without sliding forward. You feel free, active and dynamic.

On our new patented chairs with balans® saddleseat and leg support, balans® Serie 3 and 4, you will feel the comfort and enjoy the controlled weight distribution between seat and leg support.

  • Balanced is the best working position!
  • Use your whole potential – be balanced!
  • Balanced people – adjusting movement!
  • Balance is your own freedom for movement!

When you sit on a balans® chair:

  • you are in natural balance your back is straight
  • you have an open hip angle, like riding a horse
  • your muscles are working in harmony

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